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Good Enough Isn't Really

One thing I'm seeing more frequently as I continue diving deeper into Real Estate Photography is that many agents and brokers say they don't need updated photos or the pictures they have are good enough. WHAT??? I have to strongly disagree with the above statements. I'm sure that most homeowners who are selling their properties would completely take advantage of every possible option to help them sell their home quickly and for top dollar. Home sellers entrust the sale of their most valuable asset to an individual they regard as knowledgeable and professional, and they expect that person to do the very best job for them. So if an agent decides to not hire a professional photographer and cuts corners, then that is not acting as a professional and it is not giving the kind of service an agent should be giving. If you were on the way to a Hospital because you were really sick and you saw an individual on the street corner with a cardboard sign reading "We can cure any sickness for the low price of $99", I'm pretty sure you would keep driving. Having said that no matter how many pixels your smartphone may be, that doesn't mean you're a pro and can take best photos to showcase the property.

In the present day and age almost every homebuyer is scouring the internet looking for the perfect home and no matter how amazingly gorgeous your home is they will swipe right by it if your pictures are crap-ola. Another great reason to hire a professional is it's a great tax deduction at the end of year. Can we say business expense?

Here are a few tips when looking to hire a Real Estate Photographer

  1. Hire a photographer based on the quality of the photography and not on the price. Too many people are looking for the best deal or may even have a friend who owns a camera and will do it much cheaper.

  2. Be consistent with your images – don’t go all DIY with your phone camera just because it’s a cheap home.

  3. The expectations of your buyers and sellers are not the same as they were in 1997 – things have changed, and you might need to change your marketing to keep up.

So in closing I think it's safe to say that Good Enough Isn't Really!!! People are settling to often and limiting their experiences in life. If our food isn't good enough at a restaurant, we send it back. If our Carmel Machiatto from Starbucks wasn't made right, we send it back. If services we receive doesn't match the price paid, we make sure to complain, which is completely understandable when using our hard earned money for sub par things. Your reputation is what you make of it. Give them a service of Quality and they'll give you their trust today and in the future to come.

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