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Shooting the Stubble with J Beard

Welcome to J Beard Graphics bloggy blog post thingy place for all kinds of non useful content about Real Estate Photography, Portraits and Graphic Designs. Let me start off by introducing myself and give you some history of J Beard because I'm sure you want to know all about me (like you have nothing else better to do). It's pretty simple really. I got started in Real Estate photography because I needed a job and fast. I came across an ad seeking photographers that caught my attention. I know enough about cameras and video to check and see if it would be a good fit for me. It was from there I began looking at the different types of photography and what was needed most in this area (Emerald Coast). I looked through photos of houses on the market for sale and to my surprise, about 80% of them were horrible.

My first response was "I could take better pictures with just my iPhone", which most were probably taken from an old flip phone or from the lesser phone the Android (Apple Rules Android Users Drool). It seems like everyone owns a camera and is a self proclaimed photographer until you see some of their work. If you're one of them, no offense, JUST DO BETTER!!! I was shocked to see that the ugly photos didn't exist just in my region, but they're everywhere and growing at a rapid pace.

After spending most of my adult life working as a Worship Leader and all around graphics guy I've learned many things in regards to people, business and how to effectively mix the two. This journey started out with a need to provide for my family to seeing that I was also needed, and needed badly. I began to take on the mission to replace all of those ugly pictures out there with updated properly shot captures of each property. I can't do it alone, so maybe we can all pull together to make this world a better place with better pictures.

So now on to the name J Beard Graphics. Well, my name is Jason, I have a beard and I do graphics. My lovely wife (Kimberly) actually came up with the name one day because I was trying to name it something like, Jason's Emporium of Real Estate Photography Designs of All Kinds and Other Stuff, LLC. I'm like never wrong about anything but I had to agree with my wife that J Beard was better than my name to keep peace in our home (not really, hers is so much better). Some people may find out quickly that I'm an introverted quirky guy that loves techie things and is bluntly honest about things. Most of the time I share the honesty in the form of humor so I can say "I was just kidding... or was I?". Having said that, I believe in and have a passion for what I do with the abilities that God has blessed me with. I hope that we can turn those ugly photos into something beautiful or at least try.

Thanks for reading our first J Beard Graphics blog, it was nice to meet you guys. Help us help you by providing GOOD photos to help you sell your house quicker and for more money.

DISCLAIMER: Apple does not sponsor me but I do sponsor them with my money every year for their new iphone and every other gadget they come out with.

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