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Quality real estate photography can help homeowners and listing agents market and sell a house at a rate that homeowners are looking for. With that in mind, here are 4 reasons to hire a professional real estate photographer.


1. Awe Inspiring Curb Appeal

Listing agents and Homeowners can easily turn the price of a property within a few moments, with premium Real Estate Photography. Unfortunately, with blurry and dull images of a: 

  • Dining Hall

  • Lounge

  • Or Kitchen

Prospective home buyers would get the impression that despite the home being ample and roomy, the online listing presentation lacks quality. By properly using natural lighting and editing techniques, a home can look completely gorgeous and breathtaking. Attracting the right type of buyers instantly. Items can be added, walls can be fixed, nothing is impossible to attract attention in a crowded market.

2. Generates Consistent Online Traffic

  • Research conducted by National Association of Realtors noted that 83% of homebuyers rated the photos features on listing websites as their most useful feature.

  • 43% of buyers initially looking for homes on Trulia, Zillow and other property marketing listing sites said real estate photography is the first thing that grab their online attention.

3. Gets Real Estate Agents Better Listings and Homeowners Qualified Home Buyers

If the visual showcase of a listing property is strong and makes it desirable, listing agents will instantly get more home buyers online. Additionally, it will help you to be taken seriously by prospective clients who are buying and those wanting to sell their homes. Furthermore, this will also improve the type and grade quality of home buyers approaching you.

4. Importance of a Real Estate Photographer

A handful of homeowners don’t give that much priority to to hiring a real estate photographer, therefore, still images often turn out to be of poor quality that no one takes interest in. Listing agents that don’t hire a professional real estate photographer, take 20% longer selling a home.

Over 90% of prospective home buyers look for the ideal home on the internet

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